Are Nick And Vanessa Still Together, Engaged? Bachelor Spoilers 2017

The Bachelor

The Bachelor

Attorney Rachel Lindsay, 31, of Dallas, Texas got Nick's first impression rose, she's now in his top six, and she's the frontrunner to be the Season 13 Bachelorette. When Nick and Corrine headed out for a romantic evening, Hurricane Taylor rained on their party as she dropped some juicy information that had the potential to forever change Nick's impression of her. Anyway, he told the remaining six ladies again, that he was just scared. Nick has some news: They'll be swimming with sharks on this date. Her date card had said, "Rachel, Let's get a taste of the local flavor". Rachel has dated white guys before, she says, but she's never brought one home - but she isn't anxious about how her parents will take it.

Corinne straddled Nick in a bouncy castle while making out with him. So instead, he pulled a Juan Pablo and said he liked her a lot.

But as a surprise to everyone, it was the resilient brunette Kristina, who Nick chose to let go.

Reality Steve reports that the argument between Vanessa and Rachel happens while they are in the room with Danielle M. All three girls got one-on-one dates in the Bahamas, so Steve states that it's likely the fight transpired while Kristina, Corinne, and Raven were out on the group date.

Eventually, the competition is going to be shifting over to Lapland, Finland, which is going to be the setting for both the overnight dates and potentially also the final rose ceremony. Vanessa says she's falling in love with him, and she wants to find the right time to tell him. After walking her out, Nick said on camera, "As great as it is to have that intimacy, we all make mistakes, but I don't want to make the same mistake I made with Kaitlyn". "They sunbathe and talk about their relationship, but to be perfectly honest, I miss most of the content of this conversation because I am still thinking about the never-been-on-a-boat thing". Then again, it seems nearly plausible that at least a few hours of screen time might be dedicated to Corinne talking about her "platinum vagine" considering how ofter that clip is played over the course of the next two hours.

"My heart is gold, but my vagine is platinum", she continues. The episode saw Corinne going to his room under the guise of making sure he was doing fine. Though it seems whether or not she gets a hometown date is a whole other question - and one that won't be answered until next week. "This is all I care about", Corinne says. Naturally, Corinne was humiliated. That meant that Rachel would get the other one-on-one!

Our fears were confirmed that the pair wouldn't have much else to talk about besides cheese, beer, and the packers.

Rubbing salt in the wound, Danielle had to go back to the house to pack her things in front of all the other women. Spoilers indicate that he then decides to cancel the rose ceremony and sends Kristina packing after a brief conversation at the hotel. Nick chose to go visit the women's house and asked to speak to Kristina. He told her he had such a love for her, but the other relationships were stronger. It was very bad. She told him that he didn't give her a fair chance.

As of tonight, only four ladies are left, but check out a recap of Nick's entire final six and victor here!

The 36-year-old former software salesman from Wisconsin visited Ellen for the first time to chat about the huge news that Rachel Lindsay will be ABC's first Bachelorette, why he's kept Corinne Olympios around, and whether he's found love.

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