'Pokémon GO' AR Glasses: Niantic CEO Confirms Providing Support For 'Relevant Devices'



Speaking to WIRED, the exec shared what his thoughts are on the possible tech that could come with Niantic's most successful mobile game yet. Niantic has recorded the number of miles' people have traveled just to catch and hatch Pokemon in the game, and it seems like Pokemon GO has made an impact on people's lives by making them get out of the house and socialize more.

Hanke added that having AR glasses around would make it even easier for them to realize their goal of enabling people to discover new places in their city that they've never visited before.

When Hanke was asked if they are building AR hardware for their other games, he said they have no plans to develop such AR hardware as of now.

The talk is titled, "Augmented Reality and Urban Revitalization" and will see Hanke and Sam Gill of the Knight Foundation discussing the potential for Augmented Reality and other mobile technologies to engage communities in dialogue and activity around public spaces. I would not rule out that hardware can help.

While it's impossible to say whether we'll learn anything new about a Pokemon GO Plus successor or what Niantic are planning in the months ahead, it's a certain possibility given how vocal Hanke has been in recent public appearances following the launch of Gen 2.

However, in the interview, Hanke noted that they could be extending support to some augmented reality-based devices on the market.

Now let us take into account the different parameters that affect the number of people playing this game while also increasing their number of steps. "There are ways to do that with phones, an example of this is Google's Tango technology", he said. "There are also startups and corporations working on AR glasses such as HoloLens or MagicLeap".

Hanke said they will start supporting such devices only when there are "enough of them on the market". Xu concluded by saying, "Our findings suggest that active-play games, such as Pokémon Go, may encourage people who live sedentary lifestyles, who otherwise may not participate in traditional forms of exercise, to increase their physical activity".

A new Pokemon GO update is on the way as Niantic finally acknowledges a known problem with Pinap Berry Candy in the game.

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