Rainbow Six Siege's New Patch Update Buffs Glaz, Doc, and Buck

New Elite set for Twitch arrives in'Rainbow Six Siege Mid Season Reinforcement update. Ubisoft

New Elite set for Twitch arrives in'Rainbow Six Siege Mid Season Reinforcement update. Ubisoft

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Ubisoft's shooter Rainbow Six: Siege is receiving a mid-season patch today, and the patch notes have been detailed over on the game's website, revealing some big changes. The program will come in the form of a new test server, which will roll out new technical systems before they come out in the main game, allowing them to be tested more rigorously before implementation and hopefully cutting down on the number of new bugs added to the game with each update.

According to GameSpot, the latest Mid-Season Reinforcement update launches this week, which aims to improve the overall gameplay experience.

Firstly, operator Glaz is getting changed, or more specifically, his flip sight is.

On the other hand, Doc can now overheal players up to 140 health from its previous 120. Also, Buck has an extra magazine for his "skeleton key" aka his shotgun-which-can-blast-huge-holes-in-walls.

All the changes, including minor tweaks, can be viewed over on the website in full.

So what else is incoming: Twitch is getting her very own Elite Skin if pricey cosmetics are your thing, sight reticules are getting smaller, Echo's MP5SD now does more damage at medium range, Thermite's 556xi handles better, Jackal's C7E is getting a recoil rebalance and Capitão's PARA-308 is also about to get a recoil buff. It also comes with an Operator card, charm, title and victory animation. "More information on the Technical Test Server, and One-Step Matchmaking will be provided in the upcoming weeks".

These new changes should put a new spin on Rainbow Six Siege to give players more reasons to keep playing.

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