TRS men perform 'coolie' work for organising party plenary

KTR Sells Ice Cream To Raise Funds For TRS Convention

KTR Sells Ice Cream To Raise Funds For TRS Convention

Rama Rao played teh role of a "Gulabi coolie", at an ice cream parlor called Las Vegas at Suchitra Circle, Qutballapur on the Hyderabad-Nagpur National Highway.

When Chandrasekhar Rao told his ministers to work as a "coolie" (porter) for two days to raise money for a grand party convention, KT Rao raised money by selling ice-creams. He served five ice creams.

He got a total of Rs 6 lakh by selling ice cream, when his party MP CH Malla Reddy had purchased the ice cream for '5 lakh and a local TRS leader bought another ice cream for '1 lakh.

Ministers join in Ministers - Talasani Srinivas Yadav and P Mahender Reddy, also worked as labourers in the city for a while to raise funds for their party meeting. Earlier, two days ago, Energy Minister Jagadish Reddy, earned Rs 3 lakh working as a coolie in two industries in Narketpally of Nalgonda district.

The Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao always managed to be in news for his acts.

Friday was the first day of the work long programme in which all the leaders and carde of the party worked as coolies.

The raised money will bear the expenses of transportation and other costs for the meeting too.

In response to a tweet highlighting the problems of pollution faced by the public in the region a few days back, Mr. Rama Rao had promised to visit the industrial areas personally and check the conditions. Also, a huge meeting will be organised in Warangal on April 27th as it is the day of party's formation day.

He announced that the pending registration of houses for weaker sections at Audaiah Nagar, Nallagutta and Bhoiguda will be completed in a week.

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