Apple to replace your busted iPad 4 with the iPad Air 2

Apple to replace your busted iPad 4 with the iPad Air 2

Apple to replace your busted iPad 4 with the iPad Air 2

An internal memo from Apple that was leaked reads, "Starting March 30th, iPad 4th generation whole unit repairs may be substituted to iPad Air 2". Apple has replaced it with a $329 device that is simply called the iPad. That might be the case, as also surprising is a new report that Apple is instructing employees to replace faulty 4th generation iPad models with iPad Air 2 tablets.

The iPad 4 was first released in fall of 2012, but hasn't been manufactured for some time. 9to5mac was the one who got their hands on the memo and shared the information with the rest of us.

If you happen to have one of these older iPads that needs a fix and still has Applecare, you may get a nice upgrade - but if you're paying for that replacement, you might just be better off picking up one of the new iPads Apple released last month.

Apple has also asked its staff to inform customers of the replacement unit's colour and capacity. The iPad Air 2 is more powerful than the 4th generation iPad, and because Apple changed the storage options, users would also receive a bump in capacity. Of course, if the replacement doesn't come for free, turning your iPad 4 in for an iPad Air 2 is not a great idea anymore.

Now, it's important to note that taking in a damaged, five-year old iPad is not guaranteed to net you a shiny newer model. What all of that ultimately means is that anyone who has a defective 4th generation iPad will essentially receive an upgrade all around. Many people complained about the fact that it was too heavy and extremely sluggish. Whether or not you get an upgrade to an iPad Air 2 will depend on stock in your region.

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