Melissa McCarthy returns to SNL with an 'Easter Message from Sean Spicer'

"Yeah, I know they're not really called "Holocaust centers" - Duh, I know that", McCarthy's Spicer said.

Last week, Spicer falsely claimed Hitler did not use chemical weapons during World War II and referred to concentration camps as "concentration centers". He later apologised for the same. "I'm aware", McCarthy's Spicer explained. "It would be really great if the nit pickers could try to see the big picture and didn't exclusively focus on every slur and lie I say". On SNL, McCarthy revived her Spicer impression for a third time to pummel the press secretary.

After the presidential caricature reveals he's holding a picture of Kushner, Bannon congratulates Fallon before being dragged away by another reaper.

Alec Baldwin's President Trump opened this week's Saturday Night Live by reflecting on his first 100 days in office to Vice President Mike Pence (Beck Bennett).

After aggressively barrelling onto the podium clearing the room of kids, McCarthy's Spicer said: 'You all got your wish this week.

Fallon's famously controversial glad-handing of Donald Trump continues to haunt The Tonight Show host.

The sketch is pitch ideal, especially considering how Spicer did dress up as the White House Easter Bunny when he was a low-level employee during the George W. Bush administration. "Spicey finally made a mistake", she began.

"At least they didn't have to fly United", he said.

"Now I'm particularly sorry this happened the same week as Passover", the temperamental press secretary added, "or, aka Jewish Easter".

The Twitterverse was on a roll when the period of Lent began for Christians, posting pictures from Spicer's time dressed as a fluffy bunny, and in light of Easter, we chose to re-ignite that flame!

Jimmy Kimmel had already taken a swipe at Spicer, but with all due respect to Kimmel, this sketch is a step up, with McCarthy nailing Spicer's unfortunate tendency to shoot stuff straight out of his mouth without thinking of the consequences.

Says Baldwin's Trump: "Remember when I refused to shake the hand of that little German boy?"

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