Pro-pot activists plan to hand out joints outside Capitol

NORML Political Director Justin Strekal

NORML Political Director Justin Strekal

Advocates plan to light up joints on the steps of the US Capitol next week. "Its use and possession is against federal law and until the law is changed by the U.S. Congress we in DHS are sworn to uphold all the laws on the books".

She said the seven had been arrested after police witnessed them distributing marijuana to passers-by at the intersection of First and Constitution.

"Things got a little interesting right now", says Nikolas Schiller, the co-founder of DCMJ, told DCist.

"If nobody shows up from some of these Congressional offices we've been inviting over the last few weeks, then it will show that actually they are really out of touch", Eidinger said, according to the Washingtonian.

Among those arrested was Adam Eidinger, a well-known activist who along with Schiller founded the group that put legal pot on the ballot in the city. Schiller said he believed Thursday's arrests were intended as a pre-emptive strike against that action.

The smoking stunt is meant to highlight the Rohrabacher-Farr amendment, which prohibits federal authorities from interfering with D.C. cannabis laws. He said participants gave away about 100 joints to people with Congressional ID badges who were over 21 years old before police confiscated the rest of their pot. Unfortunately, Capitol Police cracked down on the goodwill gesture and arrested several people involved.

DCMJ member Jessica Laycock said prior to being arrested that it was a perfectly legal demonstration on DC land.

DCMJ had planned for weeks to have two days of protests.

In celebration of this, the twentieth day of April, marijuana activists in Washington, D.C. gave away free joints to those working on Capitol Hill.

U.S. Capitol Police arrested seven activists and confiscated about 1,000 joints from marijuana activists on Thursday during a 4/20 "celebration". That event is to call on legislators to respect local and state marijuana laws, remove marijuana from the list of Schedule 1 drugs and move toward legalization. The event was being billed as a ― wait for it ― "Joint Session For Congress".

"There's a lot of trade organizations that have events with free alcohol", Schiller said, "and staffers can go and have their free alcohol".

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