GOP pleased over Trump budget blueprint

But he drew rebukes, even from some Republican allies, for the plan's jarring, politically unrealistic cuts to the social safety net for the poor and a broad swath of other domestic programs.

Planned Parenthood officials said Tuesday that many of their clients don't have other places to get health care.

At a White House news briefing Tuesday, Mulvaney framed the proposal as a "taxpayer first" budget that would trim needless federal spending and reinvigorate the economy with massive tax cuts and deregulation.

The plan was crafted with a skeptical eye toward programs that serve the needy.

"We need people to go to work", Mulvaney said. "We need everybody pulling in the same direction". "We're not going to measure our success by how much money we spend but by how many people we actually help".

Critics call the spending blueprint "Robin Hood in reverse".

The Maryland Democrat calls the proposed budget the most "draconian" of any he's seen sent to the Congress and says it would have a devastating impact on working Americans, federal employees and to national security.

"There's a certain message here and it's from the president of the Congress that say, 'look here are my priorities in terms of what I want to spend more and here's the big ticket items, '" Mulvaney said. "And there's a necessity to work to help the country succeed".

Trump's plan promises that overhauling the tax code and easing regulations will lift economic growth from the lackluster 2.1 percent average rate of recent years to sustained annual gains of 3 percent or better. "The last president never proposed let alone tried to balance the budget".

The White House's assumption is that economic growth, as measured by gross domestic product, will reach 3 percent annually by 2020, and then remain there. "We should be realistic about the projections we make and not use aggressive economic projections to try to wish our fiscal problems away".

At the 10-year mark, Trump's budget is supposed to have balanced the federal ledger, without cutting Social Security or Medicare retirement benefits.

Many consider this budget to be dead on arrival, but even so, it proves that Trump doesn't care about y'all either, so nice job with that.

The poor and the disabled are big losers in President Donald Trump's $4.1 trillion budget proposal while the Pentagon is a big victor. "They're saying they won't raise taxes. They're going to be hurt".

The plan also includes $200 billion over a decade as a down payment on infrastructure investment, and a modest $19 billion to establish a paid parental leave program.

Mulvaney dismissed criticisms from lawmakers skeptical of the proposed budget as details leaked throughout the day while the president, on his first trip overseas, toured Israel.

Earlier, in a closed-door meeting with House GOP lawmakers, Ryan cautioned members against falling into the "trap" of criticizing the budget, arguing that there was plenty to like, according to lawmakers and aides present.

The $4.1 trillion budget - called "The New Foundation for American Greatness" - proposes $607 billion in defense discretionary spending and $560 billion in non-defense discretionary spending for 2018.

That means, he said, measuring success not by how many people are being helped by a federal program, but by how many people "we help get off of those programs and help them get back in charge of their own lives again". "Absolutely not. We are simply trying to get things back in order".

SCOTT HORSLEY, BYLINE: Good morning, Rachel.

"We fully expect that to be the case again this year, and we are hopeful to engage in meaningful dialogue about how to support America's hardworking farmers and ranchers in hard times like these", the statement concludes. The CDC's chronic disease prevention programs, such as those for diabetes, heart disease, stroke and obesity, would be cut by $222 million.

-The military: Trump's budget proposal would add $469 billion to defense spending over the next decade.

The healthcare bill passed by the House aims to gut the Obama administration's signature 2010 Affordable Care Act, known as Obamacare, that expanded insurance coverage and the government-run Medicaid program.

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