Robin Wright not receiving equal pay to Kevin Spacey

Neve Campbell on

Neve Campbell on"House of Cards. David Giesbrecht Netflix

As if there's not enough politics on TV these days, the fifth season of Netflix's Emmy and Golden-Globe-winning original series House of Cards returns on Tuesday.

Netflix was trading above $164 in the hours after House of Cards' fifth season was released in its entirety.

Without giving too much away, the character of Claire Underwood really comes into her own this season, Robin Wright honing her incredibly poised and commanding performance.

In anticipation of the series' return, brokerage firm Loop Capital raised its price target from $172 to $180, citing its ability to drive subscriber growth. Frank's boasting of political wins and the Underwoods on the campaign no longer holds the tension it did a year ago.

"People are saying "House of Cards" will be boring this year, how can we compete with reality - I have to say honestly, we've never been more relevant", Spacey said in an interview on "The Late Show with Stephen Colbert".

House of Cards is expected to air its sixth season sometime in 2018.

Whether it's the bitter Trump v Clinton race for the White House or the Brexit fallout back at home, saying it's been a insane 12 months in world politics is a bit of an understatement.

Season three is where one of the most stable parts of the first two seasons takes a hit, the Underwood marriage.

Michael Kelly and Neve Campbell on the fifth season of
Michael Kelly and Neve Campbell on the fifth season of"House of Cards. David Giesbrecht Netflix

As we get ready to watch Claire soar even higher - and play even dirtier - in season five. So we see her moral compass get tested a great amount - as we do with numerous characters on the show. With Season 5 set to begin tonight, it seems more like a documentary. "And it feels this presidency, in real-life, has become a 24-hour news show". Known as "the fourth wall", it has been a feature of House of Cards ever since the first scene of season 1, but as of yet it has only been Frank who has done it. As shown in the previous season, the governor is running against President Underwood in the elections.

The anti politician's wife, she doesn't do passive smiles and hanging in the background: she's as ambitious, scheming, intelligent and power-hungry as her Machiavellian politician husband, Frank Underwood.

However, Conway is not likely President Underwood's biggest problem in "House of Cards" season 5.

Those anxious about indulging in a show fictionalizing the seedy underbelly of politics when our own unscripted one leaves us winded will have their fears assuaged by the first episode.

It's not all flawless, sure, and it still doesn't quite reach the highs of those brilliant first two seasons, but it nevertheless proves there's still life in the show yet, and the final two episodes in particular are sure going to give fans a lot to digest.

The first four seasons earned House of Cards actors and crew six Emmy Awards and 46 Emmy nominations, two Golden Globe Awards and two Screen Actors Guild Awards. "I'm not sure necessarily about LeAnn", Campbell said.

I'll let you in a bit of a spoiler, although it's more of a reflection of where the show's at in terms of playing the audience, rather than some plot giveaway.

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