Scottish independence dealt a blow

Sturgeon said it was "a disappointing result" for her party, two years after it won a landslide in Scotland.

"What we've got is a crushing result for the SNP, they've lost 20 seats if not more and further than that they've watched their majorities crumble".

The result is that the new landscape of MPs in Scotland more accurately reflects the politics of the country.

Asked whether the result means there will not be a second referendum, Ms Sturgeon said: "I'm going to reflect carefully on the result".

"John, personally I wouldn't go and do it - I tempt you to go and talk to Brenda in Bristol..."

"I think this kills Scottish independence", said Peter Kellner of polling organization YouGov Plc. In the exit negotiations to come, I can only hope they treat us gently, as they might the village idiot.

Lib Dem Jo Swinson, who defeated SNP candidate Paul Nicolson to retake the East Dunbartonshire constituency, claimed supporters of other parties had backed her to send a message to the First Minister. But this was 21 down on the 56 Nationalist MPs who were returned in the last election two years ago.

Mr Rennie believes the central issue of the election campaign in Scotland was the prospect of a second independence referendum.

Scotland had voted overwhelmingly against withdrawal from the European Union, so Sturgeon believed support there for independence would increase. Ms Sturgeon said this " may well be an interpretation with some degree of force behind it". So as we take the window stickers down, it might not be long before we have to put them up again.

Scottish National Party (SNP) leader Nicola Sturgeon's continued support for a second independence referendum appears to be backfiring.

Lloyd said: 'There is a curious mixture of satisfaction that the independence referendum is probably further away and the downside it brings to people's minds, which personally I think it's affecting the economy were not growing at the rate that the rest of the United Kingdom'. We led the opposition to that referendum.

She said: "The Scottish people spoke". The Conservatives obtained 16,478 votes with Labour obtaining 13,213. Support for leaving the United Kingdom remains around the 45 percent who voted Yes in 2015. Our vote up 13 per cent.

Neil Carmichael, who lost his seat in Stroud, echoed Davidson's concerns about a DUP deal and said Davidson was "absolutely right to fire a warning shot on the gay/lesbian front".

Speaking after the election result, Patricia Gibson said: "It's been a hard fought campaign, we have worked very hard in this election, we have went round and we have spoken to voters, we've chapped doors and we've engaged with the public and the campaign, from our perspective, has been extremely positive".

Ms Davidson added: "Let me be clear: nobody, not me, not anyone, is expecting the SNP to give up on independence".

Nick Eardley of BBC Scotland said SNP sources were sceptical about the poll and its methodology. "Simply put, Scotland has had its fill".

"We need to focus on the challenges we face on education, on NHS funding, on the new tax and welfare powers - as well as the huge challenge of Brexit".

She added: "Nobody will condemn the First Minister if she now decides to re-set her course".

"I'm proud to be Scottish and British and female and gay and Christian and Conservative and a Fifer and fond of chips, a fan of "Hamilton" the musical and to prefer dogs to cats", she told an audience at the Orwell Foundation last month.

Critics say, however, that her high media profile, attractive in Westminster where politicians tend to show a more humdrum side, risks her not being taken seriously.

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