Sharing Wi-Fi Passwords More Easily with iOS 11

Heavier and bulkier than its predecessor (250.6 x 174.1 x 6.1 and 469 g vs 240 x 169.5 x 6.1 mm and 437 g Wi-Fi version), the iPad Pro 10.5 Inches is nevertheless endowed with thinner borders.

It remains unclear as to whether Apple will ever enable this feature in iOS 11 for iPhone. The renders do not leave space for it, so they are likely different from what the OS will look like in actual. Here, you flip the switches for apps and services you want to show notifications.

At WWDC, Tim Cook showed off Apple's cool new "augmented reality" (AR) software. This feature will save you the trouble of memorising the password and then entering it manually.

When the phone has determined that you've stopped driving, your screen will come back to life, and you can catch up on everything you've missed. Soon all the controls will be on one colourful, widget-filled page.

Also available for the iPhone, the new Files app keeps all your files, allowing you to have easy access. You will see the option to "Check for an update" or "Restore iPhone".

The new iPad Pro also debuts the firm's ProMotion technology that doubles the maximum refresh rate to 120Hz. She sounds more natural (or he if you choose the male voice), with inflection and a variety of accents.

QR codes are much more common in other parts of the world than in the United Kingdom, but still this feature can be pretty useful as they become more ubiquitous. This quick access design is meant to make multitasking even more productive.

The first thing you need to do is download the proper ISPW.

It's set to a big release for iPad fans, because it will introduce a range of new functions which people have been hoping to see for a very long time.

There have been some conflicting reports where articles suggested that use of the iPhone NFC to replace ID cards and transit tokens could be possible, but this appears to be wishful thinking as no mention of the use of card emulation mode in the Core NFC documentation released to date. My iPad has gone from strictly a consumption device (though, for me, that's still mostly what it will be) to being capable of doing more (much more) due to the improved multitasking, app switching, newly added dock, and Files app. It is called "Offload Unused Apps" and you can turn it on by going to Settings, then tapping General.

Now Apple will let the people who design apps use machine learning, which should lead to an explosion in the number of apps which are able to learn from the data you input into them. All the keys will be smoothed over to one side so you can type with one hand. These devices will also get crucial security updates. This means that you will notice change in tempo, pitch and even know when Siri is emphasising a point. Unfortunately, you'll have to wait until the fall to get all that.

Receiving money from someone will be just as easy.

iOS 11 will also bring Apple Pay, which will allow users to send money to friends easily.

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