Woman says she rejected advances by actor Cosby

The entertainer assured the mother there had been no intercourse, only "digital penetration".

Constand clarified this point in light of her admission that she told her friend Williams that Cosby had made a pass at her.

After returning to her room, Constand said she called Sherri Williams. At the same time, Constand said, she was taking Cosby a gift from a mutual acquaintance.

Constand has said she felt her friendship with Cosby was important to the school's athletics department.

"She continued to do her job", Constand's lawyer, Dolores Troiani, said outside court. "He betrayed her. He drugged her and then put her on the Chesterfield and did whatever he wanted", she said.

"He said, 'I apologize to Andrea and I apologize to you, Mom, ' " she testified.

Toward the end of her testimony, Constand stopped and broke down, wiping tears from her eyes.

"She was having a lot of nightmares", her mother said "It was very, very frequent that she would scream in her sleep or wake up in a sweat". "In my head, I was trying to get my hands to move and my legs to move but I was frozen".

Meanwhile, Victoria Valentino, one of the many accusers, came up with her support for Andrea.

Gianna Constand told the jury that she had a two-hour phone conversation with Cosby after her daughter had finally told her that she had been sexually assaulted.

Agrusa also grilled Constand about inconsistencies in her initial report to police about the night of the assault.

"Once you got your phone records and saw you could not have been passed out and unconscious ... you changed your story", Agrusa said.

"No, he was sorry for what he did", Gianna Constand shot back.

"What was the one thing I asked you to do when I met you?" the prosecutor asked.

He has pleaded not guilty to the charges, insisting their sexual contact was consensual, and has denied similar allegations from more than 60 women.

NORRISTOWN, Pa. (AP) - A woman who accuses Bill Cosby of drugging and violating her more than a decade ago stood by her story at his sex-crimes trial Wednesday, withstanding hours of often ponderous cross-examination that didn't produce the stumbles the TV star might have hoped for.

Asked why she visited Cosby again after that initial incident, Constand replied, "I wasn't scared of someone making a pass at me or an advance at me".

"So you knew - you were alone at his home - that Mr. Cosby was interested in you romantically?"

She managed the women's basketball team at Temple while he was a high-profile trustee.

Constand's initial statement to Canadian police on January 13 alleged that the assault at Cosby's home happened after they had gone to dinner on March 16 with representatives of Philadelphia's Central High School. Constand has said neither of those assertions was correct.

The six-foot tall former athlete remained largely silent on Wednesday morning, answering the defence's questions but not expanding on her version of events. But the witness gathered herself, glaring and speaking contemptuously to the woman representing the man she believes assaulted her daughter.

"It was a very big burden on me, but one that I did not have the courage at the time to tell my family", she said.

Defense attorneys pointed to phone records showing that Constand called Cosby 53 times after the alleged assault.

Constand testified Wednesday that wasn't the case. She said she tried to get him to say what pills he gave her daughter, but was unsuccessful.

Kelly Johnson, a former William and Morris Agency employee whose late boss worked for Cosby, was the only witness called to testify on the first day of the trial. I have been aware of the difficulties in sexual-assault adjudication for some time, but, until this week, I did not really understand that I, myself, someone I trust implicitly, would in all likelihood appear rather untrustworthy on the stand.

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